Soldiers Independent Rehabilitation Foundation (SIRF)

DSW Website is sponsored by SIRF as an initiative for help of Soldiers

Soldiers Independent Rehabilitation Foundation, better known as ‘SIRF’ is one of those exceptional initiatives that not only lends a helping hand and kind support to the families of shahid soldiers, families of martyred and disabled soldiers, but also felicitates the families of the martyred and disabled soldiers by organising felicitation ceremonies to ensure that the bravery and courage of the real heros of our country reaches the common masses and inspires the youth of our country to join the Armed Forces and be a soldier.

Officially incepted in the year 2017, and led by two visionaries, Shri. Yogesh Chithade (Ex.IAF) and Mrs. Sumedha Chithade (Teacher by profession) they are proud parents of an army officer. ‘SIRF’ has its roots laid way back in the year 1999 when the latter visited a small ceremony being held at Queen Mary Technical Institute (Government Organization Kirkee, Pune) (working towards the welfare of the disabled soldiers) along with a couple of her students on the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan. In spite of their disabilities, the patriotic pride that every soldier had on his face, and their generosity to gift every girl that tied a Rakhi on their wrists, inspired Mrs. Sumedha Chithade to pursue her passion to serve the soldiers of our country and their families.

Mrs. Sumedha Chithade

Mrs. Sumedha Chithade, has been following the ideologies of the greats like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Swatantravir Sawarkar, and Amte pariwar, and these ideals have always lingered in her mind since childhood. Queen Mary Technical Institute incident and the encouragement provided by Shri. Yogesh Chithade, to go beyond books and contribute a change to society, ignited a deep hidden passion to help the soldiers and their families, as well as increase their awareness of statutory requirements. She continues to be an active contributor towards soldier's welfare. Her passion, devotion, and urge to help soldiers get their due respect and courtesy made her sell her own bangles, and raise funds for the welfare of our soldiers! She truly serves as an inspiration for all those who wish to offer selfless service!

Shri. Yogesh Chithade

As an ex-air force, Shri. Yogesh Chithade has himself experienced the life of a soldier and therefore empathizes with the hardships they go through and the challenges they come across under adverse conditions. Shri. Yogesh Chithade always thought of initiating changes through actions and not just through reading books or teaching. He doesn’t deny the importance of education, but believes more in being a helping hand, rather than being praying lips. He has been instrumental in inspiring Mrs. Sumedha Chithade to pursue her passion and in gathering resources as well as spreading awareness about soldiers and their life amongst people of all the age groups, especially school children.